pan y rosas discos news:
friends and neighbors! the newest album from pan y rosas is from the spanish free-dada improvised noise experimentnik duo cooloola monster. their new album wavund is a revelatory study in interstellar interplay that focuses on the psychic conversations that two musicians can achieve. the sound is a celebration of minimalist noise, microsound, and drone. you have no choice but to check this out now!

pan y rosas discos artists section:
cooloola monster! free dada and absurd improvisation! this duo from bilbao assaults the ears with a mischievous sense of interplay. equally influenced by the electroacoustic sound poet charles amirkhanian; the normal (warm leatherette); and throbbing gristle.

ambolthue news:
The last release for now comes from Cooloola Monster of Basque Contry, and it’s actually their debut release. It’s a four-piece band with Estanis Comella, Miguel A. Garcia, Oier I. A. and Ross MacDonald and is hard to describe as anything else but experimental improv. To try to compare it to anything would be just stupid. Unique and extremely good music from a band you’ll probably hear more from in the future. Tam ’O’ Shanter is it’s title, and you should order a

the sound projector by ed pinsent:
García is also a member of Cooloola Monster, whose Tam O’ Shanter (AMBOLTHURE RECORDS AMBOLT-76) release is equally bewildering – like hearing a very dramatic soundtrack to an obscure foreign science-fiction movie. Their brand of loopy noise is far more eventful than Bilbocentrismo, packed with funny electronic broinks and sampled elements.