Miguel A. García

attenuation circuit [acm 1008] miguel a. garcía . hiztun!

attenuation circuit
[acm 1008] miguel a. garcía . hiztun! 3"cdr

original composition created for hots!, an audiolab arteleku radio broadcast

additional voices by elena aitzkoa & estanis comella
mastered by iker ormazabal
graphic design by estanis comella

This composition by Spanish composer Miguel A. García was originally created for the experimental music online radio Hots! (hots-radio.info) and explores ‘hacked’ radio technology as a means of creating new sounds. A portable radio set is used as a receiver, but also as a sound source in itself, as well as an effects device when microphoned voices are being routed through its speakers and re-recorded.

+info & order here> http://attenuationcircuit.wix.com/attenuation-circuit#!__miguel-a-garcia

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