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Jean-Paul Garnier "Loopool" es un interesante artista sonoro residente en Seattle (USA). En su pieza "Dunes soon" nos deleita con un paisaje intemporal en base a loops e improvisaciones de guitarra que no oculta una intencionalidad ecologista, evocando un lugar tan desolado como podria ser nuestro planeta en el futuro. Un lugar yermo y desertico, pero, en esta obra, tambien bello.

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"whether from above or below, oil will make the land a desert"

guitars and manipulation by Jean-Paul Garnier cover photo by Jacques Garnier recorded in 2005 @ imperfection studio

originally released as Sycophanticide #001 ltd. to 50 copies 3" cdr www.loopool.bravehost.com

Creative Commons license: Attribution-Share Alike 3.0

an interview by Marna B.

1. You describe Loopool as ‘music of or for the senses’. Could you elaborate?

I don’t recall ever saying that, nor do I recall describing loopool. Most of the time it must enter your brain via your ears, but this is not always true. I am very interested in the extra sensitive perception (ESP) as I know it, but subtlety is not a thing for everyone, as our world makes apparent. No one needs to be psychic anymore, its too easy not to be, but music fits into the basic rhythms of the body and I like to try to subvert this.

2. I find your music to be almost scientific more than easy listening. I think people probably wouldn’t listen to this music everyday or on repeat as if they would if they were under the influence of some kind of drug or under a state of mind not brought on by normal everyday life. Would you agree?

The state of mind produced by everyday life is much more severe than that brought on by drugs, my music is sometimes a reflection of this hecticness and forced anti-reality of commercialism, drawing us so far from those things in life which hold real worth, such as pursuit of food or companionship. Instead most people think of the things they perceive they want to buy, it would do the world some good to eat some mushrooms instead of buying more useless shit. As far as the bridge between scientific music and easy listening, I sit on the crest of both, not afraid to fall into either category. I have been a happier person since I ceased to think of genre.

3. What sort of tools do you use to create your music/ loopool?

Sharpened rocks, sticks and mind. I also spend a lot of time analyzing popular music.

4. What kinds of feelings are you trying to conjure up in people who listen to Loopool? Is there a formula to your music?

I am always torn between pure pop formula and the complete rejection of it, as for those whose listen, I don’t know that I know any of them, nor their reactions. I suppose at the very least I wish people to think and go through continuous changes of mind, which could only lead to a more complete existence, or maybe a more convoluted one, but it seems worth while. 5. What are your influences? I see that you do a lot of collaboration work with others. Who are they and how does your music differ from theirs?

Sheer fear of idleness forces me into a state of perpetual work. Mindlessness and fear are my enemies, I reject and conquer these things and wish others to do so as well. Collaboration helps to keep me from being unidirectional, in the age of isolation I recommend this to everyone!

6. One of your cds has a list of song titles and their meanings or where you got the idea to create these songs. Are a lot of what you convey in your creation something you believe in and stand up for and incorporate into your daily life or are these just a helpful tool for people so they can link what they are hearing into how to understand it?

I try to live my ideals to the fullest, dreaming is one of the most important things anyone can do. I strive to encourage this. I don’t usually feel as though I need to explain myself, but politics is not a solitary affair, I do not care for them, but democracy means getting involved and I prefer this to the fascist state which we approach. 7. I like your idea of ‘thinking inside the box’. Could you explain where you came up with the idea to do this? Was this experiment was successful or fulfill your purpose for this project?

All experiments are successful for if you have not proved what is right you have proved what is wrong. Most of my ideas come haphazardly in bed or in the shower. The brain does not stop thinking, hopefully it comes up with something good.

8. What other interesting things/sounds/projects can we look forward to with Loopool in the future?

Change is the only thing you should expect from loopool!

9. Some of your music sounds like you are trying to communicate with extra terrestrials or something, maybe different life forms from an entirely different wavelength than what human beings live on. Can you comment on that?

Humans are of space, it is an easy thing to forget but we are literally of the stars. I try to communicate with myself, when this succeeds other people seem to appreciate it as well, after all we have a common thread. Let us embrace the fleeting moments of each others lives, at the very least it makes this world more interesting.

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