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[larr25] michel henritzi . walking with the shadows

Figura muy activa en la experimentación sonora francesa, entre el background de Michel Henritzi se encuentra la dirección de los sellos A Bruit Secret y Turtle´s Dreams, y la escritura en magazines como Revue&Corrigée y Sound Projector, entre otros. Su trabajo como músico esta sobre todo ligado a los intimidantes Dustbreeders, una brutal banda basada en las posibilidades del feedback como medio de agresión. En su actual faceta en solitario, como siempre en él muy basada en la improvisación, se expresa tan solo a través de la guitarra y un amplificador, mostrándonos su lado mas introspectivo, y melancólico. Este "caminando con las sombras", grabado en directo, es una buena muestra de ello. Tomando ideas del blues y la música japonesa, incluyendo una cuidada utilización del silencio, su música posee una muy intensa pero elegante carga emotiva, a veces casi opresiva en su descripción de paisajes solitarios y sombríos. Paisajes que enraízan perfectamente con las fotografías de su habitual colaboradora Kumiko Marino y su serie "Walking in the shadow", de la que forma parte la imagen que ilustra este lanzamiento.

1.sake’s dreams .mp3 .flac 2.clouds go faraway.mp3 .flac 3.kabuki-cho lights die at dawn .mp3 .flac 4.backyard .mp3 .flac 5.walkin in the shadow .mp3 .flac

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Michel Henritzi – guitar & amp

1 – sake’s dreams

2 – clouds go faraway

3 – kabuki-cho lights die at dawn

4 – backyard

5 – walkin in the shadow

These silent songs are inspired by black and white slide pictures of Kumiko Karino. Picture sleeve is issued from "Walking in the shadow" series by Kumiko Karino (c).

Recorded live at Pannonica, Nantes, the 18 January 2008

Thanks to Rinji Fukuoka, Frédo & Pannonica crew.


This project is improvisations around blues mood, i don’t play blues, just with idea of blues. I play on a slide pictures show of a japanese young photographer named kumiko karino. It is a meeting with 2 loneliness visions of japan life, we are both interested by wasteland, backyards & junkyards, kind of empty places and shadows. I used her pictures like a score with black & white passages. I don’t look really pictures during the concert, just i feel their mood and lights changing. It is like silence and noise, speed or slow in music. I always be interested by feedback, play abstract blues is kind of history feedback. I stayed 4 months in japan last year and i wanted work with my feeling and experiences of this country too. I could listen lot of enka music (sentimental & melancolic songs from 60s and 70s), kind of japan blues. i try put this feeling in my music. I must say im melancolic guy. In music i always been interested by junk part of music like amp hum, feedback, wrong playing, mistakes, silences, crakles on vinyls … things than most of musicians try to erase. It is ghost part of music, i love them. Unconsciensness of music play inside that. Before this solo project i played in abstract way with loud noises, maybe today i want tell stories, find more direct link with audience.

I was involved in industrial bands in 80s and runned a cassette label AKT. I released some stuffs with a french band NOX and internationnal compilation with Nurse with Wound, Die Form, Sprung aus den wolken, Etant Donné … at this time i played noise guitar & tapes. Some years later i start another band with friends DUSTBREEDERS. We work on sound installations and performances. We used only vinyl eaters (mange-disques), kind of box turntables connected on guitar amp. We play feedback in loud way. Sometimes with the japanese screamer from Hijokaidan : JUNKO.







Creative Commons license: Attribution-Share Alike 3.0

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