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[larr01] armadillo concreto . fucsionoron

2 piezas de este legendario proyecto fundado por Raúl Domínguez, incluyendo entre sus filas a gente como Miguel A. García, Elena Aiztkoa, Alba Burgos, Laura Fernandez, Alfredo Rubio, Natalia Vegas e incluso más. Improvisaciones cósmicas mezcla de sintetizadores analógicos e instrumentos "reales" como violín, trompeta y guitarra.

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    - The first release is by Armadillo Concreto, a project around one Raul Dominguez, but also people like Garcia, Elena Aiztkoa, Alba Burgos, Laura Fernandez, Alfredo Rubio and Natalia Vegas, among others. This ’big’ band plays improvised music on analogue synthesizers and ’real’ instruments like violins, trumpets and guitar. The realm of their music can easily be called free floating improvisation, which aims for higher atmospheres. Occasionally I was reminded of AMM, but throughout it lacked the attention, or better: to hold my attention. Maybe a touch of too many hippies?
    - Vital Weekly number 622

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